Saturday, May 09, 2009

US Military is the new Army of God?

The US is on a new era of crusades with the same cruel results as millions of civilians die and/or they are left homeless and on the run. The US is not acting like a family friendly country these days.

Jeremy Scahill reports the military's religious motives:

A day after the Pentagon accused Al Jazeera of being 'irresponsible and inappropriate' for broadcasting the 'hunt for Jesus' in Afghanistan footage, the network releases unedited tapes.

Like the soldier chaplain says..."Proselytizing is against the rules." These professional soldiers need to stop bending the rules to fit their personal religious agendas. Their purpose is NOT to convert the world to christianity. If a soldier believes he should heed the call then they need to be honest and become a missionary not a soldier. Al Jazeera does their homework and is speaking truth to power (even when that power has a history of attacking and killing their reporters).

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