Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gas Attack

I had my gas cut off via mishap yesterday, (you
know those husband/wife mishaps, right? "Did you
pay the gas and electric before we left for
vacation?" Sure honey, don't you remember, I
paid it online." "Okay, so I can throw this
notice away?" "Well yeah, in the recycle bin.")

The representative left a little door hanger
saying, "sorry I missed you," meaning he/she
made an attempt to see me, right? WRONG!

The phone representative, Lisa, told me the person
coming to shut off the gas is not supposed to
attempt contact with the tenant.

Well, EXCUSE ME, but then why does he/she leave
a note that states, "sorry I missed you?"
What's even more confusing is why right-wing
anti-health care reform fanatics haven't been
screaming about our utilities. We no longer
have a center for gas or electric IN the area
they service. We do NOT have a competing
source for gas and electric, meaning they
have a monopoly, AND whenever you contact
them, you get a person living in India taking
your call!

Talk about potential terrorist attack
. All they need to do is take over a
call center in a foreign country and have those
guys issue disconnect notices for EVERYONE in a
particular area.

And what is seriously wrong with this situation
is that WE did this. We turned a blind eye and
allowed legislation from our representatives to
pass that allows this from our basic utility companies!

If you think keeping utilities in the hands of foreigners
is okay and monopolies are okay, then do nothing.
If you think this is a problem, for crying out loud
write your representatives and tell them you want
competing FREE market utilities.


Star Womanspirit said...

If any of us had a choice we would REFUSE to do business who operate in this way...but no choice...they have a monopoly and it looks like they give lots of money to our elected officials so there is no relief in sight.

Imagine this I'm moving to a one stoplight town and the CITIZENS own their own phone company so their is an actual office with local folks employed in it in the one stop light town....also high speed internet throughout the rural county. WOW....

And in Hampton Roads? Our elected officials are going to rent our tunnels connecting Norfolk/Portsmouth for about 100 years and will sell our local port to a foreign corporation...I REFUSE to pay tolls to a corporation so when I'm in town I'll be taking the ferry over and hopefully hitching a ride with friends...when this happens. But lots of folks who have to commute due to their jobs are in for a rude awakening from the tolls to falling house values for folks living out of town....

In our country and the only folks who get favorable laws are the wealthy and powerful folks.....

Wake Up Hampton Roads!! (to borrow a phrase from Alma)...

Cargosquid said...

So, drilling for nat'l gas off the Virgina coast is ok now?

Go free markets! De-regulate!