Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Psalm 109.8; Trolling for Assassins

When I was young I learned that yelling fire in a crowded theatre was not only irresponsible but illegal.

Criticism of a President is something I have no problem with. I am very critical of how Obama is NOT representing the progressive base who fought so hard to put him in office.

The current antics of the radical right wing and the Republican Party should not be tolerated. Americans need to stand up and speak out against violent, treasonous speech that encourages violence against our President.

Why does the corporate media NOT do fact checking. Why do they allow folks like Dick Cheney to come on TV repeatedly and spread misinformation and lies? I am sick of the extreme partisans who lied us into war and now want to lie us out of a President.

Thank you Frank Schaffer for standing up and speaking truth to the evangelical groups and FOX news for "trolling" for assassins. The Republican far right is displaying treasonous behavior and they need to be called out for this. Every Republican in Congress should be speaking out strongly against this paranoid, delusional and treasonous speech.

I will not support "trolling" for assassins.

Schaffer is right....these folks are the American equivalent of the Taliban.

Our country needs more truth tellers like Rachel Maddow on the tv.

(I am supposed to be on hiatus...but this lunatic fringe cannot continue to unravel what remains of democracy in these Corporate States of America.)


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