Friday, January 22, 2010

Disaster Capitalism at Work in Haiti

Why is a bag of rice (or any food/water/shelter/clothes) worth more than a human life?

The Haitian people have done an OUTSTANDING job of working together to do what they can during this horrible crisis.

Unfotunately capitalists (backed by the Corporate tools--USA military, IMF, WTO) use violence in an attempt to push the Haitian people over the edge so they will riot and then provide the corporations with an excuse to take over the island. Then the profiteers that go everywhere with the US Corporate Army so they can pilfer the people's resources.

Unfortunately the USA thinks that importing troops and guns is a higher priority than medical supplies, doctors, water and food. But they will need those troops there for the riots that are supposed to be happening. A number of foreign governments trying to get necessary supplies into Haiti have complained to the United Nations about the US military's agenda of putting guns and troops before humanitarian aid.

REMEMBER how badly the US government treated it's own citizens in New Orleans? Now imagine what we do in foreign lands....and then THINK about how violence against others creates terrorism.

These Haitian police officers are the tools of the Haitian government that came to power with a US backed military coup that kidnapped the democratically elected President of Haiti and shipped him off to Africa.

Let's demand some real democracy instead of exporting this awful corporate agenda. Let's return President Aristide to Haiti. The Haiti people surely deserve to have the leader they elected and continue to support instead of these corporate police thugs who inflict violence so that maybe they can force the pople to riot.......


Don Tabor said...

Tell you what.

Why don't YOU drive a truck full of food down the main street of Port au Prince, Haiti, without security in place and let us know how that works out for you.

Star Womanspirit said...

Is that your reasoning? That if I drive a truck full of food down the main street of Port au Prince then the disaster crisis will be solved? must think I am very powerful indeed.

Why don't you check out some real information at and watch a REAL journalistst--Amy Goodman--show you how safe it really is to travel in Haiti and she will show you some very brave, heroic people who do not deserve to have any more brutish corporate policies descend upon them.

The US has had a long history of racist policies in Haiti. Combine this with the corporate US government's new policy of having our military carry out our disaster relief efforts. It all seems destined to fullfill the wildest dreams of private corporate disaster profiteering. Naomi Klein's book--The Shock Doctrine--researched the words of capitalist economists to expose the corporate agenda that preys on disaster survivors.

A few independent journalists have exposed the fact that the US military control of the airport has hindered efforts to get aide to the people of Haiti. Now if only more corporate journalists will learn how to report the truth rather than just repeating the corporate propaganda that hides the truth for disater profiteers.

If aid does not come quickly then after a few short days people start to get desperate. Cuba's government is recognized around the world at being a superior system for providing assistance to disaster victims. But the Cuban government is working for the disaster survivors NOT the disaster corporate profiteers.

We should send US disaster specialists to Cuba to learn about their system so we can create a good disaster relief system that has an agenda to save disaster survivors not enhance private corporate profits.

Now that would be real change wouldn't it?