Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HB 1134 is a Republican sponsored bill

Finally there is a leader in Virginia that is willing to reform the current draconian, medieval (and very expensive to enforce) drug laws. This will definitely make Virginia a much better place to live. The majority of Virginians support change such as this. At this moment (before any side has had a chance to mobilize their frenzied supporters to skew the results) the Daily Press poll shows these results:

POLL: Do you agree that punishment for marijuana possession should be reduced in Virginia?

Delegate Harvey B. Morgan (R) is the chief patron of the Virginia House Bill 1134 which does not legaize marijuana but would reduce simple possession to a civil infraction - punishable by fine rather than by the current, prison sentence of 30 days. Read the story here.

  • Yes. A fine rather than prison time seems reasonable. (535 responses)


  • No. Marijuana is still an illegal substance and a stronger message should be sent to users. (219 responses)


  • No, because it shouldn't be illegal at all. (194 responses)


  • No. Virginia should control sales just like they do with alcohol and there would be enough tax money to run the state and then some (458 responses)


  • I don't know. (25 responses)


Finally there is a Republican in Virginia that this independent can endorse what he's doing. So, it looks like I will get an opportunity to actually send in a campaign donation to a Republican in this lifetime. Awesome. We need more Republicans like Del. Morgan who are willing to take a stand and do whats right. Info on the bill follows.

HB 1134 Decriminalization of possession of marijuana.

Sponsor -- Harvey B. Morgan, Republican

Summary as introduced:

Decriminalization of possession of marijuana. Decriminalizes simple marijuana possession. The bill does not make marijuana possession legal but creates a civil penalty of $500 for simple possession of marijuana, a penalty equal to the current criminal fine for simple marijuana possession. The bill also raises the quantities necessary for punishment of possession with intent to distribute so as not to punish amounts that may be possessed for personal use. The bill creates a rebuttable presumption that a person who grows no more than five marijuana plants grows marijuana for personal use and not for distribution, an offense punishable by the $500 civil penalty. The civil penalties collected are payable to the Literary Fund. The bill removes the two-year mandatory sentence for distribution of less than one ounce of marijuana and the five-year mandatory minimum sentence for distribution of more than one ounce of marijuana. The bill requires forfeiture of the driver's license of any minor found to have committed the violation of possession of marijuana. The bill reduces the penalty for possession of marijuana by a prisoner from a Class 5 felony to a Class 6 felony, the same punishment as is currently imposed for possession of a firearm or a knife by a prisoner or for setting off an explosive device in a prison.


Anonymous said...

how exactly will they find of intent to distribute because this bill could essentially be a loophole to increase marijuana penalties because it says less than an ounce/5 plants for distribution would be increased.

Anonymous said...

its a step but a step in wrong direction .legalization has to be the goal for this to have any effect on our troubled economy

Anonymous said...

we need to eventually legalize. It will save the economy and make the MAJORITY of people happy :p

Pat the Glen Beck Nut said...

Why do we as people want to diminish ourselves to using things that hurt us. We want to make sure it's legal. Why not actually do something useful with your time.

Smokey Mcpot said...

You ever smoke Marijuana pat? there is nothing harmful about using it, the harm to citizens come from the laws in effect. Caffine kills more people than Marijuana ever will, but i'm sure that won't stop you from sipping coffee while you listen to Glen Beck. As for doing something useful with our time, there are thousands of successful Marijuana users. Steve Jobs, Ted Turner, Michael Phelps, those are just a few famous people, not including the everyday joe that likes to indulge in an occasional joint after a hard 10hr day of work. Myself i prefer some pot over a liver damaging, anger inducing, demobilizing alcoholic beverage.

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