Monday, January 25, 2010

Wall Street is Blackmailing US Congress Again!

Timothy Geithner says that Wall Street markets will plummet if Congress does not confirm Ben Bernanke.

I am sick of Wall Street threatening to plummet whenever they want their way. Wall Street needs to go ahead and plummet and the US Congress needs to clean house and confirm a Federal Reserve Chair who is competent and can do the job in the public interest (not the Wall Street Interest).

Ben Bernanke was asleep at the wheel and did NOT see the financial crisis coming. We don't need a Federal Reserve Chair who prefers back room deals to sunlight. Ben Bernanke has failed on all counts and he is leading the cover up to prevent the US Congress and the American people from knowing where our money went.

Why Bernanke is even under consideration for another term raises the question of who remains in our federal government and Senate who is not captive to the Wall Street special interests?

Our Senators--Webb and Warner--need to decide of they are going to represent Virgnians or become Wall Street Waterboys.

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