Tuesday, January 26, 2010


If it's a progressive issue (such as Health Care, Wall Street Regulations or a Consumer Protection Agency) 60 votes are needed in the Senate. IF it's for a conservative or corporate cause--confirming Wall Streets Inside Man, Ben Bernanke--only 51 votes are needed.

This double standard is not just obvious in the Congress. Obama's promise of giving everyone a seat at the healthcare table was glaring in not giving a single seat to a progressive advocate of single payee and allowing Big Pharma and the Health Insurance Industry to buy seats and pack the healthcare debate. The writing is on the wall. Progressives should be creating a new party or making a bee line to the Green Party ASAP.


James Young said...

Now, this is just silly. Of course so-called "progressives" --- who don't advocate progress, but never mind --- could TRY to filibuster the nomination. After all, Democrats filibustered judicial nominations during the Bush Administration.

Your real complaint is that you far-Left moonbats don't have quite as much support as you pretend to.

James Young said...

And besides, if Democrats didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.