Tuesday, March 02, 2010

26 Democratic Senators Holding up Healthcare Reform

45,000 Americans die every year because they do not have health insurance and cannot access quality healthcare.

Actions speak louder than words. Every day at least 123 Americans will die. Why are these Senators not doing what is necessary to get a Health Insurance Reform bill passed so that everyone can have access and choice of a private or public plan?

Here are the 26 Democratic Senators currently holding Up Healthcare Reform and supporting the Republican Party of NO:

Daniel Akaka HI
Max Baucus MT
Evan Bayh IN
Mark Begich AK
Robert Byrd WV
Maria Cantwell WA
Thomas Carper DE
Kent Conrad ND
Cristopher Dodd CT
Byron Dorgan ND
Russel Feingold WI
Kay Hagan NC
Tom Harkin IA
Ted Kaufman DE
Herb Kohl WI
Mary Landrieu LA
Blanche Lincoln AR
Claire McCaskill MO
Bill Nelson FL
Ben Nelson NE
Mark Pryor AR
John Rockefeller WV
Jon Tester MT
Mark Udall CO
Mark Warner VA
Jim Webb VA

Is your Senator on this list?

If you are from VA BOTH of our Senators are on this notorious list. This is not a moderate position but it maybe an "self richening" experience for many if not all the Senators on this list.


Anonymous said...

Obama is no leader GWB could get more done without his party in power than Obama can with his party in power.If Obama was any kind of leader we would have had health care reform by now.It breaks my heart to know i voted for this man

Star Womanspirit said...

GWB misled us for sure but he was a bully and got his way. I can't for the life of me define George Bush as any kind of a leader.

Obama is a major disappointment on Health Care Reform. It's true if he was a leader we would have Health Care Reform with a strong public option.

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Either Senators are ignoring or they are careless enough to take necessary actions.

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