Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Dennis Kucinich

Dear Dennis Kucinich,

I have been a huge fan for years. After meeting David Swanson and hearing that if everyone who supports you would/could donate 50 bucks to your presidential campaign then we would have you as our President I stepped up to the plate and sent you money for your congressional campaign when folks wanted to challenge you and had resolved to send you at least 50 bucks henever you run for President. (However, with the recent "horrendous" Supreme Court decision this theory probably became null and void).

Given my belief in your ethics and your authentic representation of the people you represent I want to know what prompted you to support the Obama Health Care Plan. I am seriously opposed to this plan because I worry it will strengthen the health insurance industry and weaken future attempts to correct the US health care system. IF insurance is marginally improved for people who maybe able to afford health insurance (and/or folks who still have a job) I believe this may stop any serious health care reform that is truly affordable and accessible for all Americans.

So Dennis can you tell us why?

Star Womanspirit

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Cargosquid said...

He was told that this was all just a prelude to single payer in incremental steps, while getting a joy ride in Air Force One.

Which it is. Have no worries. This is a chess game and Obama's goal is single payer.