Thursday, May 20, 2010

Disaster Capitalism at Work in Haiti

"MonSatan" loves to use disasters as a capitalistic marketing tool. The Haitian people appear to have a plan for dealing with "MonSatan." (The Haitian people's plan appears to be more effective than what the farmers in India are doing....which is to commit suicide over this issue.)

But "MonSatan" has exhibited this behavior before. In Iraq a law was passed that forbids the Iraqi farmers from using their own seeds (an agricultural practice that has been used for as long as civilization on this planet has existed). In Iraq, the law says that the farmers MUST purchase their seeds from "Monsatan."

It is also interesting that the so called Justice system in the USA allows "MonSatan" to contaminate the fields of farmers who do NOT want to purchase "MonSatan's" seeds. Then the farmers cannot sue "MonSatan" for spoiling seeds which they may have been developing and handing down through generations. But the so called American justice system adds insult to injury and allows "MonSatan" to sue the family farmer for using "MonSatan" seeds for free. This is definitely another sign that democracy has been replaced by a plutocracy.

"MonSatan" is a descriptive term that I have adopted after hearing it used to refer to Monsanto business practices which eliminates choice. "MonSatan" appears to have a pervasive influence on the agricultural education at Virginia Tech (and the other American universities that allegedly teach agriculture.)

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Star Womanspirit said...

I apologize...this is the link that should have been included in the article. It has a better view of the dangers that MonSatan will be inflicting upon the Haitian people.