Thursday, May 06, 2010

Governor McDonnell Supports Eco-Terrorists

Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell continues to support Eco-Terrorists who want to put Virginia at an unnecessary risk in their pursuit of Big Oil Profiteering.

Why won't McDonnell endorse Wind Farms for energy and not place our seafood and tourism industries at risk?

I "betcha" it boils down to money money money....for the special elites.... Does anyone who thinks that the money (or oil) will stay in VA (except for the legalized bribes lining our politicians pockets...)? If they do I have a mid town tunnel and a profitable port to sell them....ooopppps...McDonnell is trying to sell those to special foreign interests too under the "spin" of public private partnerships.

Drill Baby Drill McDonnell needs to visit the Gulf Coast and get a real taste of reality and clear that Big Oil spin out of his head. 868 large oil spills since 2001 is the reality (with large numbers of workers dead or injured.)

Virginia needs to have a governor that will protect our natural resources and not sell them out to Big Oil Profiteers who will take the money and run leaving us with a big mess to clean up.

The reality is not IF there's a big mess it's a matter of when.

Wind Farms....lets Spin Baby Spin....but make the Spin positive and in the public's interest for a real change!!

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Cargosquid said...

Because wind farms won't power a single car, airplane, ship, furnace, or air conditioner. Every wind farm needs a traditional back up. One cannot store energy from a wind farm. If the wind dies, no energy.