Friday, May 07, 2010

One VA Senator is a KEEPER!!

VA Senator James Webb voted for the people to break up the big banks so that we would never again have to bail out the "too big too fail" banks that bring our economy on the brink of economic collapse.

Unfortunately, VA Senator Mark Warner decided to step over the line and join the big banks agenda and voted against the people who voted to put him in office. I'm one of those constituents and I'm NEVER going to support this type of politician who is definitely voting against my best interests. I'm thinking that this is the type of thing I would have expected from George Allen.

So Senator Mark Warner be forewarned....none of us will forget that you decided to support big banks over the Virginians you are supposed to represent. I'm sure you will be out spinning with all sorts of explanations and excuses (probably penned for you by the Bank Lobbyists who got your ear....and played the legalized bribery game with you.) I plan to never let any of my associates forget what you have done on this vote.

Another thing Senator Warner....your staff told me when I called yesterday that you did not have a position on this couldn't even tell me to my face what you were going to do.

Hang your head in shame Senator Warner. You belong with the Wall Street Bankers. I'm not even going to waste my time contacting Senator Warner again. Why bother? He's not a straight talker and he doesn't even have the decency to tell his constituents that he votes for the Big Banks to keep on getting bigger and bigger at my expense.

Thanks so much Senator Webb. You can walk with us down Main Street today!

Time to call Senator Webb with a big thank you call....Hopefully an independent or a democrat willing to represent the people will run against Warner next election cycle since I don't see any moderate Republicans able to survive in VA's current political climate. One thing for sure....Mark Warner will never see another vote from me!

I wonder if Goldman Sachs gets to keep gambling with our money at zero interest? If that's the case no wonder Goldman Sachs no longer cares if their customers trust them or not...who needs customers when you have the US Treasury and Federal Reserve in your big pockets?

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Cargosquid said...

Instead of breaking up banks, why not, oh....just let them fail when they do stupid things like follow the gov't instructions to lend to high risk people after the gov't removes the separation between savings banks and investment banks, figure out a way to make a profit on bad loans, let Freddie/Fannie buy those loans, and then get bailed out. Hmmm, didn't the Tea Party have objections about those bailouts. Now the financial reform will help out the big banks even more. And the reform is being pushed by all of the big name dems.

Just let the banks assume the risks of any loans.