Thursday, May 13, 2010

US Presidents promote war not peace....

Our latest President--Barack Obama--seems to have the same war agenda as George Bush.

Why do American's allow our tax dollars to be used to kill people worldwide so that corporations can increase their profits?

The latest on US war crimes courtesy of Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh.


Cargosquid said...

I want him to provide proof of these accusations. This is so much BS.

He has a history of BS and blaming America.

James Young said...

Gee, I always thought American Presidents promoted liberty and the Constitution (but I repeat myself) above all else.

But you're right: President Barry doesn't do that, either.

Mosquito said...

Cargosquid--You appear to be projecting and you are the one spreading the BS. You say that Seymour Hersh (a respected and awarded winning journalist who is not owned by corporate media) has a history of BS and blaming America.

Cargosquid I challenge you to prove your statement. Show me what Seymour Hersh has written that is not truthful.

James Young--Your sincerity would be more believable if you did not give Republicans and right wing folks a continuous free pass to operate in the same fashion. I believe that hypocrisy discounts your credibility.

Unfortunately it appears that our American Presidents bow to the will of the Military Industrial Complex (or maybe if they don’t they will be assassinated like John Kennedy or run out of office like Richard Nixon). So I see this as a systemic problem more than anything else.

To all others...I’ve been enjoying myself lately and am “debating” whether to return to public dialogue. In the meantime I’ll be commenting here and there as the wind blows me.


Cargosquid said...

Here's an article about his habit of playing fast and loose with facts:

Here's where he says its ok to lie when he's talking, but its not ok when he's writing:

He "says that five or six people had told him about the battlefield executions of prisoners."

He can't even remember the number of people that told him about this information. We can't even verify that? Were they Americans? Afghanis? Martians?

Anonymous sources that can't be verified are this man's stock in trade. Here is an article on this habit of slander and innuendo:

I know that none of this will change your mind about this liar because you believe his world view and want to believe that everything he says is true. But you asked for evidence.

He has an agenda and will write anything to advance it. Oh, and bring discredit on the US.

Mosquito said...

CS--Our leaders are known worldwide for doing a fine job of discrediting the U.S. That's why world wide people will say that it’s the US governmet that they dislike not the American people. They often go to great care to make this distinction.

As far as Seymour Hersh goes....Hersh does admit that he sometimes is not accurate in his talks and he does this for a variety of is to protect the identity of his sources. The fact is--Hersh has quite a track record. This is the investigative reporter that exposed My Lai and Abu Graib and neither of these incidents were "BS" (as you defined it). Hersh’s agenda appears to hold the people in power accountable....but you think that "blames" America...I say we need to make sure our leaders are accountable for what they do. That's why we have a president not a king.

Sorry this is a bit rushed but I just recently “saw” that you had replied to my comment.

Hope you have a great weekend CS....I guess on this one we shall agree to disagree.