Saturday, July 10, 2010

Portsmouth Mayor Should Be Recalled on Tuesday....

Mayor Holley seems to believe that the taxpayers of Portsmouth should pay for him to have more than a secretary.

Sorry Mayor Holley this is the last in a long line of insanity....I remember your hateful rascist letters that you sent anonymously to the Portsmouth's City Attorney. You didn't have the guts nor the integrity then.

I often wonder if you were behind that multi-million dollar extension of Clifford Street. I heard a rumor that you didn't like the cars riding by so close to the golf course where you spent a lot of time (during the day)....that golf course that got expanded and has cost the city lots of money. At the same time I overheard that the funding was cut from the city budget that allowed Portsmouth's physically challenged citizens access to services form a regional organization.

Portsmouth needs a major with ethics and integrity and I don't see those qualities being exhibited from Mayor Holley in this Wavy TV 10 interview.

Imagine if Mayor Holley survives the latest recall election. I would think that local reporters will be falling all over each other to interview this mayor on a regular basis on all sorts of issues. If Portsmouth votes to retain Mayor Holley then Portsmouth's city council needs to do the right thing and not provide any funding for this mayor to have a personal assistant. This mayor has a record that he can not behave appropriately with city resources. Mayor Holley may soon lose interest in being the Portsmouth mayor if he loses what he believes he is entitled too.

Come to think of it....does Mayor Holley pay green fees to golf on the City golf course? If not, the city council should pass a law making everyone (no exceptions) pay the fees to golf on this course.

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Anonymous said...

July 13, 2010

Dear Taxpayer,

It is with great satisfaction that I present to you, one of the longest running members of the Portsmouth Family, a gift of appreciation purchased with your well spent tax dollars. Please do not consider this a bribe in any fashion, but hopefully it will entice you to get a last minute absentee ballot and provide me with the much needed help that I deserve. Only with your help can I remain the best dressed mayor in all the land.

Times are hard, but it is nothing we haven’t been through before. As I sit here in the dark wearing argyle socks, a taser gun, and a stack of hats “Ten High” on my head, I reminisce of all the ups and downs of my career. The hate mail scandal of 1987 recalled me as mayor, but as you know, it wasn’t long before I was back in your life. Even now, this letter is testimony that I have never done anything more hateful with a pen and paper than suggest votes from sweet little ladies like yourself. I suppose I also hated the mail when I had that treacherous secretary cancel my subscription to Playboy, but what’s a mayor to do? The tax payers were starting to complain. Only now that I have outsourced an adequate amount of medium-sized shoe trees and the geese of Cavalier Manor have been reduced to a manageable population does it seem that I have a little free time. I’m here now to get reacquainted with some of the good citizens of Portsmouth in their greatest hour of need. I ask you to let bygones be bygones and accept this token of appreciation from your mayor. Together, and only together, can there be the dawn of a new day in this great city of ours.

As a matter of course, I would like to make the nature of this one time gift clear. Due to your past voting record there are a few conditions that will need to be met:

1. In the event of a recall please mail this puzzle book back to the return address on the front of this envelope at which time it shall be locked in the city’s treasury.
2. It is rumored that you have in the past filled out your crossword puzzles in ink. As acting mayor of the city of Portsmouth, I decree that you use only pencil in case condition number one should occur and your answers can be erased.
3. In the event that you help reinstate me as your rightful city mayor, you may keep the accompanying puzzle book knowing that by doing so you agree to pay a property tax with an assessment rate that is not to exceed that of your home.
4. In any event your SPSA bill will increase.
5. Under no circumstances is this gift to be considered tax deductible.

Because of past instances of the media misinterpreting and misconstruing my words, I am going to have to ask you to disregard any previous statements of how this book may have been paid for and directly send $7.95 plus whatever the sales tax is in this fine state to the address on the front of this package. It is my sincerest hope for the Portsmouth Family that you have not been wasting my time.


Dr.James W. Holley, III.

P.S. Do not forget that the week of July 17- 22 is Falun Gong Awareness Week.