Sunday, October 10, 2010

BP--Beyond Prosecution--it gets worse....

BP should stand for Beyond Prosecution. The US government is now impotent when it comes to protecting it's people. How can anyone have a serious discussion about national security when corporations are now acting like kings and are answerable to no one.

We need a government that is able to execute a corporate death sentence. Corporations are supposed to be chartered for the public good. Instead this has been reversed and it appears everything exists for corporate bottom lines...even the lives and health of their customers and employees.

Can anyone doubt why our founding fathers feared corporate charters?

We need to insist on publicly financed elections and take the legalized bribery out of our system. We will not see any laws or lawmakers that exist for the public good until we take the money out of politics.

Don't expect corporate media to shed light on this issue. They rake in too much money selling commercials to politicians. After all, our media is also owned by the corporations.

In the meantime, the Senator who would lead any campaign finance reform legislation in the Senate is at risk of losing his seat....his opponent is well financed by corporate cash. I encourage you to send a contribution to the Russ Feingold campaign today. You will notice that Feingold does not accept corporate cash.

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