Thursday, August 17, 2006

Iraq Is Falling Apart

The media has documented the 1,000 deaths in Lebannon this month. But 3,000 have died in Iraq without much of a whisper.

Bush says "stay the course" (look for a message change of "we need to adapt" and be "flexible") and as "they stand up" we'll stand down. Approximately, 1000 Iraqi policeman resigned recently from the Fallujah police force. So much for the stand up stand down Bush plans.
We should be accustomed to Bush's plans falling apart. Can you remember a single Iraqi Bush plan that has succeeded?

I'm sick of the loser. Bush and his cronies continue to amass wealth and sacrifice nothing as they continue to lose, lose, lose...and it's the average American left to pick up the pieces.

Of course one plan that is being promoted by others -- to break up Iraq into three separate entities--Kurdish, Shiite, and Sunni--has been vetoed by Bush. Our "unelected" president proves himself notta genius time and again. But Cheney has a different agenda that continues to get pushed and it does not involve peace in the Middle East (or anywhere wlse in the world)

Even the New York Times says that Iraq is balling apart.


Insider said...

balling apart, huh?

Mosquito said...

You caught the error....supposed to be falling apart....