Friday, September 15, 2006

Bush and Rove have a $450 Million Dollar Slush Fund

Camada and the United States signed the Softwood Lumber agreement on Tueday, Sept 13.

$450 million dollars is now in a White House Slush Fund. Money that really belongs to the Canadian people....or the American people.

Money that can be used to to illegally influence the 2006 elections. The agreeement bypassed all the normal channels, including Congress so there is no oversight and no accountability for this money. Rove and Bush can set it up to spend it anyway they wish. Many in the Canadian parliament are already calling this the slush fund for stealing the 2006 US election.

This is more money that the Democratic National Committee has it it's cofffers....It is approximately equal to what the Repuclican National Committee has in their war chest.

So...why is everything so quiet out there. Obviously our Attorney General refuses to enforce any laws when it comes to the White House.

Where's the uproar?

Link to previous article with sources of information.

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