Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Olympia Snowe--Maine's Republican Senator

Olympia Snowe, the 59 year old Republican Senator from Maine is known as "an unlikely Internet heroine." Maine has no major technology headquarters. Snowe even admits she's not proficient on the web.

But Snowe has surfaced as a key leader in the congressional battle to preserve Net Neutrality.

Snowe has taken on both her party leadership and their corporate masters, refused to rubber stamp the Republican corporate agenda, and stands firm in support of her constituents.

She is one of those rare Republicans who knows how to work in a bi-partisan way. She co-sponsored a bill--The Internet Preservation Act--with North Dakota's Senator Byron Dorgan (D) which allowed the current rules of Net Neutrality to continue.

Snowe displays a better understanding of the internet than Ted Stevens. She stated:
“What has made the Internet such a remarkable success is the ability of people everywhere to experience a world of their own choosing on their own terms. This freedom has fostered an unprecedented exchange of information and ideas that has led to an explosion in consumer choice, the creation of new businesses, and the spread of democratic ideals around the globe. Unfortunately, if Congress does not act, the age of digital democracy will come to an end. Senator Dorgan and I introduced the Internet Freedom Preservation Act to prevent fundamental changes to the internet that would undo the democratic principles upon which it was founded.”

Maine should be proud of Olympia Snowe. I would be pleased to have someone of her caliber to represent me. Here is a Republican protecting our freedom, not restricting it. That is becoming rare in today's "Republican terror war world."

I wish we could transplant some of her backbone into Senator John Warner....who still has not taken a public stand on Net Neutrality. (I'm still waiting for the Congressional investigation on torture that Warner promised the country.)

As far as rubber stamp George Allen? How could I "omit" him. An entire Olympia Snowe spinal transplant wouldn't do the trick. He lacks the integrity or ethics to know what to do with a spine. Bullies have no spine and no one wants them to.

George Allen is on record as AGAINST Net Neutrality. Unfortunately, Allen prefers to represent the telecommunications industry over his constituents and has received a lot of money for his campaign coffers.

Please contact Senator John Warner and ask him to take a public stand supporting Net Neutrality. It's a no brainer. This is the bill that pits the telecommunications corporation against his constituents. Remind Warner that constituents vote.

I think Allen has forgotten that fact.

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