Friday, November 17, 2006

My Buzz on George Bush

Lately, when my thoughts have turned to the sudden "bi-partisan" PR blitz put on by George Bush I was just too angry to write anything.

Bush's sudden turn around was so artful....He dumped Rumsfeld!! That was great! But then he quickly nominated this Gates guy....I started to check out this Gates guy and the more I read the angrier I became.

I feel like the entire Bush "turn around" is nothing more than another Rovian PR job to enable Bush to continue the "same ole same ole" stay the course with this new guy.

Even looks like Bush's folks still have their guns aimed at Iran and want to create another disaster for America. (Hell, why does Al Queda even need to plan an attack on American soil as long as Bush is in office and deadset on such disastrous goals?)

I have come to the conclusion that Gates is just another Bush loyalist "yes" man and is another bad move. He "politicized" the CIA. That IS the major problem with the "faulty intelligence" and cherry picking that got us into Iraq. The fact that Bush is wanting the man that helped him lead this nation astray to be rewarded with the position of Secretary of Defense is typical Bush. Promote incompetent yes folks who are loyal and get rid of the competent folks who have skills and integrity.

The next Secretary of Defense needs to be carefully considered. I'm very happy to hear from local Webb folks (and the Virginia Beach Dems blogger)--Beach Mom) that Jim Webb will question the Gates nomination. I "thought" this would be the case. I didn't get the idea that Webb prefers "yes" men.

During this congress we will get a chance to see which Republicans are willing to work together with the Democrats to pull our nation from this fiery quagmire that Bush insisted on.

It will also give us a chance to assess if there are TWO parties up in Washington. I'm hoping the Democrats will prove themselves. But if the Democrats go with the status quo and let Gates through then I'll be singing the David Rovics new song, "Democrats make me want to vomit."

In my book BOTH parties have to prove themselves now.

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