Sunday, November 19, 2006

No Olive Branch for Bush, Frist and McConnell

Considering Bush's decision to not act in a bipartisan manner (i.e. his recent RE-submission of five extremist judges and pushing this lame duck comgress to act rashly and hastily pass unacceptable legislation). Neocon Republicans Bill Frist and Mitch McDonnell's (the next Senate Minority Leader) are rejecting bi-artisanship to continue Bush's arrogant agenda....this song has become a national anthem for these times.

Thank you Dixie Chicks!


Terry said...

I don't generally like country music but this song is awesome. I'm glad they're standing up for themselves and calling out all the ridiculous people "boycotting" simply because they have a different political affiliation.

Mosquito said...

You oughta check out more of their music. The Dixie Chicks Rock!!