Sunday, July 15, 2007

Did Sunday's Corporate Media....

For those of you still watching the Sunday morning "pundits." The same folks who have gotten it so wrong for so long and continue to get it wrong....They actually promoted going to war in Iraq without fact checking the Republican propaganda and asking the hard questions. Folks like Robert Novak, Wolf Blitzer, Chris Mathews, et al.....They are quick to jump on anyone who offers an alternative to the Bush and/or corporate plan. Most recently this could be evidenced by Wolf Blitzer and the CNN attack on Michael Moore.....the Michael Moore who fact checks his documentaries meticulously and offers us alternatives to explore and discuss.

If you are still watching the same pundits " who get it wrong but keep mouthing the corporate propaganda"....answer me this....Did anyone come as close to speaking the truth today as this stand up comic?

It's a sad day for journalism and the "free press" when the comediennes do a better job of reporting than the "corporate pundits....." Maybe if folks stop watching the propaganda pundits the corporate media (anxious to keep advertisers might actually hire some genuine, competent journalists to start giving us some accurate news reports for a change.

In the meantime, I suggest you watch independent journalists such as Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. You might also subscribe to DISH network ( NOT Rupert Murdoch's satellite company) where you will get access to two channels on the basic program...FSTV and LINKTV which has a number of sound news programs and good commentaries and documentaries. Democracy Now is available on the web as are some of the programs at FSTV and LINKTV.

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