Sunday, September 30, 2007

Loose Lips Sink Fascist Ships

From the English Sunday Mail, Sept 30, 2007:

British MPs were shocked when White House foreign policy adviser Debra Cagan told them: "I hate all Iranians." When confirming the comment one of the six MPs said: "She is very forceful and some of my colleagues were intimidated by her muscular style." (For full article, click here)

Red leather coat, Iron Cross-type jewelry, slicked-back hair and aquiline features, White House foreign policy advisor Debra Cagan looks like a cariature of a Gestapo agent from the 1940s, except she should have a black coat on to totally replicate the stereotype. Actually red and black were the Nazi colors. How interesting that she attires herself like this and has asides about hating all Iranians. This just reaffirms what I have been saying for several years, that the forces running our government have pretensions to be the Fourth Reich, and have substituted the hatred of Arabs and Moslems, indeed all the perceived inferior races, Blacks included, for the Nazi hatred of Jews, Gypsies and Slavs. This is the subtext going on beneath much of the official rhetoric.

The War on Terror is, in the psychological depths, a crusade against Islam and anchored in racial hatred of other races centered in the Middle East and Western Asia. You have only to research some of the ditties being sung in US Army and Marine Corps Boot Camps for this to be rammed home to your consciousness. It was a similar situation in Vietnam. Gooks then, Sandniggers now, both wars fueled by race hatred.

Ironically, Iran is Persian and of Aryan stock historically, the same Aryan ancestry that the Nazis idealized into blonde, blue-eyed Nordics.


Mosquito said...

It's her masklike face that really stops me in my tracks....who are these war crazed people who have taken over the American government?

I used to think the USA was a democracy but Bush and Cheny have dashed that illusion from my mind.

The only beneficiaries of war are corporations. We, the people, will simply be put into more debt with nothing but higher prices in return for our money and our blood.

Invading Iran is so will mean at least 20 years of war and it maybe the downfall of America....but then the corporations won't mind that...they are already enjoying record profits from the Iraq war and if the US government goes down it's just less oversight.

Iran has no interest in attacking us...Iran has NEVER attacked another country in it's entire history.
If only Americans will wake up before it's too late.

buzz, buzz....

Mac said...

Just looking at her face, I would say she is rather armored, a term coined by the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich to describle patients whose emotions are frozen into their musculature. This is a mechanism of repression to prevent emotions from being expressed in childhood. The muscles in the face and body actually keep the individual from expressing love or anger by tightening up. What is left over time is someone who is a cauldron of perverse secondary drives, often violent and sado-masochistic. Hence the penchant for leather.

Collectively, such people, when linked as a political force, are a disaster waiting to happen to the world. They are not in touch with themselves or reality, but only project their psychoses upon reality.