Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why the Christian Coalition,, Naral, and the NRA agree....

The American people want net neutrality and our groups on the right, the left, and in the middle all want net neutrality also.

Yet the Democratic Congress has not bought this issue up to be voted on.

And now the Corporations are flexing their muscles and trouncing on the righs of citizen.

Verizon wireless would not allow NARAL to utilize text messaging on their mobile phones. According to Verizon, its messaging system was closed to groups with content or an agenda that "may be seen as controversial or unsavory to any of our users." (Source-L.A. Times)

Contact your Va Representative and Fa Rep.Boucher and ask him why his net neutrality amendment has not made it to the house floor. Also Contact Jim Webb who ran on net neutrality and ask him to support getting Olympia Snoew's net neutrality amendment to the floor.Contacting Olympia Snowe, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid would also be helpful.

Let them know about the Verizon AND the AT%T abouses. Demand Net Neutrality now.

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Hands Off said...

Actually, the NRA is not among the supporters of net neutrality regulations. I'm pretty sure about that, since I consult on the issue for I think the group the LA Times was thinking about was actually Gun Owners of America (GOA) which is much smaller and less influential.