Saturday, October 20, 2007

When will the Bush Cabal End?

(Warning: This Video contains some war images that the American people are not used to seeing... since the corporate media has sanitized the war, deciding to show invasions like they are some video game.)

It looks like it's up to the "people" to demand an end to the Bush Cabal--Don't give up...Contact your elected representatives at least once a week. Let them know you want Impeachment, and to protect the Constitution and the Civil Liberties it grants to "we, the people."

Unfortunately this democratically controlled congress fears and respects Bush and Cheney much more than they do the voters who gave them the control of Congress. Maybe the Dems need enough wake up calls on a regular basis to instill some respect for the people who actually vote them into office. The Dems need to realize that they don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of capturing the White House if they can't show their base and the American people that they are in reality a second, "opposition" party.

Let's show them that there are not enough "good germans" in this country that will allow Bush and Cheney to continue their war crimes against Iraq or Iran.

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