Saturday, November 24, 2007

Corporate Media Refuses to Report News

Lots of folks want to continue to push the corporate myth that the American media is liberal; a myth that is promoted by the Corporate media itself to keep folks from looking closely at how the corporate structure operates.

The news in America failed to report that Donald Rumsfeld was forced to flee France in order to escape being arrested for war crimes. Rumsfeld fled to Germany. Earlier German courts refused to try any of the Bushites for war crimes stating that this was an internal American issue that American courts should adjudicate.

Isn't it newsworthy to have a former Bush Administration official fleeing from an arrest for the charge of war crimes? IF the media was so liberal (instead of "so corporate") this NEWS would have been covered ad nauseum by every major tv news network and print media in the United States.

But the myth of the liberal media will continue to persist as long as it covers up the corporate bias that is ingrained in our media. The news professionals in the U.S. do mothing more than disseminate propaganda that promotes a corporate agenda.


Cargosquid said...

If you were being harassed by nuisance charges, wouldn't you leave until it blew over? Did you notice that French prosecutors dropped the charges? That's why its not reported. Its even in the Wash. Post.

Mosquito said...

War Crimes are a serious charge....Rumsfeld fled because he's guilty.

Any court of law that follows the rule of law scares the %$%# out of everyone connected with the Bush Cheney Regime.