Thursday, January 24, 2008

Virginia's House Representatives Need to get off the Fence

First I want to THANK Rep. Jim Moran for agreeing to co-sponsor an impeachment resolution.

Then I want to CHALLENGE my Representative, Bobby Scott, to get off the fence. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines. Rep. Wexlar, had the decency to poll his constituents and now he's supporting Impeachment. Another Virginia Representative is supporting impeachment. Does Bobby Scott really believe that Bush and Cheney have not committed crimes that are impeachable?

There is NOTHING, NO BILL, NOTHING, more important than establishing that this is a country ruled by law and not a few crude cruel men who can do anything they want, regardless of what the people say.

Here are some facts:

A June 23-26, 2005, ABC/Washington Post poll found 52 percent of Americans believe the Bush administration "deliberately misled the public before the war," a nine-point increase in three months. And 57 percent say the Bush administration "intentionally exaggerated its evidence that pre-war Iraq possessed nuclear, chemical or biological weapons."

A June 27-29, 2005, Zogby poll found 42 percent of Americans say that "if it is found that President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should hold him accountable through impeachment." According to Zogby, in Eastern and Western states supporters of impeachment outnumber opponents.

The 42 percent above is significantly higher than the 27 percent of Americans who favored impeachment of President Clinton before impeachment proceedings began in 1998. (NOTE: this is an old poll...the percentage is now believed to be higher especially since the study was released this week proving that Bush, Cheney et al lied hundreds of times to lead us into an illegal invasion.)

If there was ever a reason to impeach it is now. Our founding fathers gave us the tools we needed to protect our constitution and preserve our democracy. Our elected officials, in failing to use the tools they have at their disposal, are becoming accessories to the war crimes and the dismantling of our democracy and our rule of law.

Some cry that it's too late. Try using that defense in court. It's bogus. It's not too late to restore the rule of law to our land. We need to know once and for all if Bush and Cheney are guilty or not guilty of impeachable crimes. I want to know if Bush and Cheney, as Washington "insider" talk goes, started their illegal activities such as the surveillance program BEFORE 9/11 occurred. Allegedly that's one of the reasons Bush is so adamant that telecommunications get retroactive immunity.

Contact your representative asap. Ask them to take a stand---Do they support impeachment, or would they rather defend the position that there is no reason to start impeachment hearings against Bush and Cheney?

The Democrats have been whining about how that mean ole President Bush is using his veto to get his way....while they hope this will get them more votes in 2008....Pelosi and Reid believe it's to their benefit to protect Bush and Cheney. They mistakenly believe that playing politics is going to GOTV. Every day the Congressional Dems sit on the fence gives their base, their major supporters more reason to sit in our homes come the November elections. I'm not going out to vote for the Democratic nominee if the Democrats won't uphold their congressional oaths to defend the constitution!!

It's never too late to stop playing politics and do the right thing. This is the time to take a stand right now. On January 29th, Dennis Kucinich will re-introduce impeachment. Get off the fence and support it or defend your stand that there's no reason to impeach. But get off the fence!! We didn't elect you to do nothing.


rva4peace said...

Great post. I hope you'll join us in front of Congressman Bobby Scott's office today (Friday, Jan 25th) from noon to 1PM as we demonstrate to encourage him to start impeachment hearings.
We'll be at 2nd and Clay Streets in Richmond - we have signs if you need them.
Exact address:
501 N. 2nd Street
Richmond, VA 23219


Star Womanspirit said...

Shoot I wish I had known earlier...I just saw this...and it's already happened...phooey...