Sunday, March 09, 2008

Let's Talk Propaganda

Check out this critical video on how propaganda affects our lives and well-being, individually, nationally, globally.

I submit to you that in America, the truth gets slaughtered everyday in the mainstream media, either through sins of commission or omission. The media no longer functions as the Fourth Estate, fearlessly exposing the lies and deceits of politicians and powerful entities, but often just as a funnel and mouth-piece for these very same creatures. A basic tenet of mine is that "the wages of lies are death". I am not being facetious, for the lies that dragged us into Iraq, for example, have cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

If we lived in a world of daily and consistent truth-telling, our planet would be approaching a paradise. That we live in a world awash in death, destruction, poverty and corruption proves that lies predominate.

In the Sikh Faith, Sikhs' most common salutation is often "Sat Nam", which can be translated as "Truth is your highest identity". Having associated with Sikhs for a long time, I can attest that their characters and energies exude health, happiness and holiness, humility, love and grace. When was the last time a politician gave you that kind of impression?

How we think shapes our lives. How poorly or well we live is a reflection of our relationship to truth, both internally and externally, individually and nationally.

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Mosquito said...

Great video Mac....Most Americans don't even realize there is NOTHING liberal about the media...the media that likes to promote the liberal media myth on itself.

It's too bad American's don't have eaxy access to good educational material on the media...only a few of us stay on tope of this and dig it up.

The reason a liberal viewpoint is NOT presented in this country....I believe it's b/c Americans would gravitate towards a liberal viewpoint like ducks to water.....if they were given half a chance.