Monday, June 09, 2008

John Pilger - The War On Democracy - Parts 7 & 8 of 10

Here are Parts 7 and 8 of War on Democracy by John Pilger, the award-winning Australian journalist and filmmaker, a documentary that has been making its way through the Internet.

Part 7 gets into the nuts and bolts of the School of the Americas (School of the Assassins) and the Death Squads of El Salvador in particular:

Part 8 deals with the "sophisticated" economic model known as Neo-Liberalism that Milton Friedman and the "Chicago Boys" foisted on Latin America, enriching the few and impoverishing the many, somewhat like serfdom, while keeping Latin America economies in lockstep with US Corporate profits in the same way that a vampire attaches his fangs to a victim's neck. Crush labor, keep wages low, open everything up to American investments until foreign capital owns most of the country:

Stay tuned for the last two parts of this hard-hitting documentary.

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