Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Loyalty is NOT always a virtue....

Misplaced loyalty is definitely NOT a virtue....

I'm an independent...I support Jim Webb.

I got to thinking what I would do if the "shoe" was on the other foot....If Jim Webb was guilty of racism and his behavior was finally catching up with him...what would I do?

Being independent, thinking for myself, and not willing to just go along to get along...I would have to renounce my support of Mr. Webb if that was the situation....

In fact, after contemplating Vivian Paige's writings I had some dialogues with friends and realized that the Webb campaign had failed to "activate" their base. I understand some folks are working to correct this situation.

So why does someone have blind loyalty? Why will they go down with someone who, if given the opportunity, would be the first to jump off the ship?

I'm creative but this is just blowing my mind....

So if you are a Republican and continue to support Allen....despite all the evidence....Why do you remain loyal?

If you are a Republican and have lost faith in George Allen...what do you do now?

I'm starting to believe that being the member of a political party in a two party system is not the best action for America in these times....I prefer to vote for the BEST candidate for the job.

In this VA Senate Race there's no longer a contest. Jim Webb is the best man for the job of representing Virginians and Americans in the Senate.

Who knows, if we get enough Jim Webb types elected, over time, we may be able to honestly call it the United States Senate once again.

In the meantime, how many Republicans will put party first and Virginia last?

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